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Diameter of Pressure Vessel: D1250  mm

Height of Pressure Vessel:  2000  mm

Maximum  Pressure:  200  Mpa  
Max. Temperature: 1400 degrees
1. The vessel inner materials is 34CrNi3MoV alloy whole parts forged and then The forged vessel be wire wounded by alloy of wire(65Mn steel 1.5mm x 6mm size) as per the designed.
2. Whole procedure of the hot isostatic pressing (HIP equipment ), Heating, increasing pressure, holding pressure, pressure relief and cooling f the system are controlled by PLC and also there is a pressure decompression system to protect the system over pressure to keep the machine in safety running.     
3. The pressuring system is Hydraulic System. The hydraulic oil is anti-abraded oil, HM-32 for the hydraulic system. And in the vessel, the liquid is chloridized water to proof-rusting and corrosive.
4.We would like to replace any defected parts within one year. One year later, spare parts would be also supplied by the us but the charges to be on the buyer’s account.
5. CE Certificated with PED directive

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