Our Team

  Hu Yangzhong, The President and the Technical Director, a professor-level engineer, enjoys the subsidies of the State Council. Mr. Hu has been engaged in the research and development of cold isostatic pressing equipment for more than 30 years. Has rich practical experience and high professional status. Under the leadership of Mr. Hu, the company has formed a team of high-quality employees with innovative spirit.
  Mr. Hu Gang, General Manager, Mechanical Manufacturing Engineer. Engaged in mechanical design and manufacture of isostatic press for more than 10 years, with very rich experience in isostatic press design and manufacture.
  Mr. Pan Maosheng, an automation control engineer, is responsible for the development, installation and commissioning of machinery. He designed various automatic control and electrical systems of isostatic pressing products to ensure the efficient, stable and safe operation of isostatic pressing machines.
  George Sun, Marketing Director, who is specially in charges of International Marketing