About Us

Sichuan Sohaipu Isostatic Press Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. It is a leading manufacturer dedicated to research, development and manufacture of cold isostatic presses. It is famous for its efficient R&D and technological breakthroughs.
Mr. Hu Yangzhong, head of CIP mechanical technology, is a professor-level engineer who enjoys the subsidies of the State Council. Mr. Hu has been engaged in the research and development of cold isostatic pressing equipment for more than 30 years. Has rich practical experience and high professional status. Under the leadership of Mr. Hu, the company has formed a team of high-quality employees with innovative spirit.
The company has large-scale mechanical production capacity, with 5-meter vertical lathe, 2*10-meter horizontal lathe, 2.5x6.5 CNC gantry milling machine and other large-scale mechanical equipment, using advanced strand technology, cold stability, long life. Guarantee isostatic pressure.
At present, cold isostatic press has been widely used in industrial ceramics pressure forming, high temperature refractories, cemented carbides, permanent magnets, rare metal powder forming and other fields, occupying a considerable market share. Up to now, we have provided more than 500 sets of isostatic presses to the Chinese and international markets. All our products have passed the CE certification with PED clause issued by the European Union. Export countries or regions include Brazil, Russia, Europe, India, Taiwan and etc..
We have always insisted on technological innovation, obtained dozens of invention patents and utility patents, and formed a complete series of cold isostatic pressing process products, with strong technical backbone, which can quickly meet the special requirements of customers.